Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holding on to their Legacy (1974 AD)

(Src wavemag)

During the height of their success, 1974 AD generated interest similar to pop boy bands: screaming fans and requests to give up smoking (probably the Nepali equivalent of a homemade "Marry me" poster). But their popularity has lasted far longer than most boy bands, probably because of their versatility and an enthusiasm for an amalgam of sounds, rhythms and ideas that means that their sound stays fresh.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the band has once again reworked their classic formula of drawing on 70s rock influences, embellishing it with rhythms as far apart as folk Nepali to African beats in their latest album. Their eighth album, released four years after their last, Aath Athaara combines mellow acoustics with thumping bass: the signature 1974 AD style.

At least in terms of unparalleled eminence, 1974 AD is the musical equivalent of Rajesh Hamal. (Scr, wavemag) No concert is complete without their participation, no musical conversation complete without their mention. Although their band has endured in the music scene for almost two decades, their line-up has kept changing, and the band now consists of Adrian Pradhan, Manoj KC, Nirakar Yakthumba and Sanjay Shrestha.

The blending of new sounds and rhythms with old, however, persists. In the new album you will find tracks like "Satyabadi", which is in fact derived from a Sanskrit poem. Its loud presence will trump the tracks like "Bardaan" and "Aja Kaha", which are mellower and more acoustic in sound.

"The album will be the most technically advanced of all our albums," says Manoj KC, the band's guitarist, who also produced the latest creation. After so many years, the fans should expect no less. But don't fear. Their boy band-like charm has not disappeared. It will comfort their amorous fans to learn that their album is called Aath Athaara because Nirakar and Manoj were born on the eighth (aath), and Sanjay and Adrian on the 18th (athaara). Aww…


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