Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rage Hybrid

(Src, wavemag)

For anyone who follows Katmandu's metal gigs, Rage Hybrid needs no introduction. Maybe it is because of the choice of songs they choose to cover onstage or just the raw energy they bring forward, they have the crowd head banging to their music almost every single time. With a vibe of Slipknot and a metalcore twist to their music, these young lads are an unlikely outcome of the old neighbourhood of Joche.

Rage Hybrid performed for the first time in November 2009 at a congratulatory gig for E.Quals on them being qualified for the GBOB. For a cover band which played cover songs at concert, Rage Hybrid has come a long way. In less than eight months since their debut performance the band has two original songs ready with the third in the making. My Broken Tendency, one of their original songs, depicts the true image of the form of music the band plays.

Releasing an album is not in the list of priorities for the band. Going so-called mainstream is what they feel is against the ethics of an underground band. They plan to continue doing what they do best, performing onstage and remaining faithful to their fans. Each members share their own unique thought on how things should be in the music scene. Gaurav thinks the sound engineers are just too amateur to handle metal and never get it right, while Ranjit thinks new artists are not respected at all and never get paid. Sujan on the other hand feels a need for yet another platform where artist are promoted properly.


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