Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maaf Gara (2010) - Axis (Yuva Records)

Maaf Gara (2010)
Yuva Records
Rating: 3/5

Six years ago with Black and White, Axix formed new ripples of soft rock in the Nepali music scene. Its copies sold like hotcakes; tolling to more than 30,000. While we hummed Timi Pheri Aauna and the radio waves endlessly played Adhuro Prem, Axix were on a hideout for Maaf Gara, their second album.

With a total of nine tracks, Maaf Gara has all of shades of rock. The title track Maaf Gara has a heavy instrumental start. With a gentle vocal intro, it leads to the high chorus. With heavier instrumentation added while the lead voice soars, the second track Eklo Jiwan has a deceptively soft beginning.The chorus is beautiful and the guitar solo complements it well. A touch of fuzz takes us away from the soft intro. You can hear Sandeep's incredible vocal range in this track. With a touch of western influence, the third track Muskaan speeds up with an accumulation of heavy music that is hypnotically repetitive. Euta Maya, the next track has vocals with a melody line reminiscent of the song Honey, which looms melancholy. The music is influenced by 80's heavy metal.

Through all the heavy instrumentation, the vocal in the Mayako Artha comes out high and clear. As the song progresses, it segues into rap which gives it a different zing, as compared to the rest. The intro music in next song Timro Yaad goes back to Axis's familiar raucous style. Hida Hida is probably the highlight of the album. Superbly mixed, with great multiple choruses the song has a brilliant lead intro and it's comparatively lighter than the rest.

The second last track Muskaan 2 sways from the rebel-rousing mood of the rest of the album into a gentle, soft romantic track. The accent is on the voice and the words. The final track Hey Aama is a foot tapping farewell song to the album with some great guitar riffs. DS (Src: Wavemag)



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