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The night Kathmandu went to party

KATHMANDU, Soaltee Crowne Plaza

Up close, it's a tough job to make out Britney Lorna Spears from the real Britney, though City Post had some doubts after her meet-the-press session for the year-ending shindig. But on stage, two large TV screens flashing real Britney shots, with a bit of distance, and a few pints of booze in the blood, no lying, she is as close to Britney Spears as they get. And sashaying across the dance floor while flanked by her two dance partners, Laura and Johanna, oh, the Cambridge cannonball sent some hearts aflutter, all right.

New Year eve at Soaltee was a night to remember for all those present at the Megha Mahal. Even before Britney took to the stage, the hall was abuzz with live performance by Heart Breakers. Their soothing blend of Nepali, Indie and English songs set the stage perfectly for Britney's hot numbers like "Toxic" and "I'm a Slave 4 U".

No less amazing was DJ Kurly's choice of songs; his eclectic mix reaching its crescendo with the "It's the final countdown" on the stoke of midnight. Astounding, how he matched the tunes to the vibe in the hall!

All in all, a wild and wicked night of partying, made even more pleasurable for those who bagged air tickets for destinations all over the world in door prizes. To the thick of things, add some of the most delicious dishes on offer at the buffet dinner.

So much packed into a single night's entertainment. Good job, guys.

Yak and Yeti

Hotel Yak and Yeti came alive this New Year eve with people from all walks of life huddled inside Club Platinum, having the time of their lives with luscious food, chosen drinks and lively music. The crowd, who numbered in thousands, could hardly fit on the dance floor, but the throng only added to the fun.

“The first thing I did on arrival was attack the food. They are just so yummy!” said Shezma Shrestha, an attendant to the party. The buffet dinner included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as pastry items for desert.

DJ Surr, as promised, gave the audience a taste of Bollywood music which included House Music, Trans music, hip hop, rocks and Bhangada. “I worked hard to prepare myself for this event in Nepal. Last year when I was here I didn't know what to expect but this time I came prepared.” Indeed!

People from all age groups were enjoying themselves, lost in sheer joy. Drinks, dance and the amazing dinner had everyone on the mood and the New Year was hailed on the strike of 12 with thunderous applauses and cheers.


One of the most sought-after events in the capital was the rock and roll themed party “New Year Rock & Roll extravaganza with Mukti & Revival” at Radisson Hotel at Lazimpat. The award winning blues-rock outfit Mukti & Revival played some of their greatest hits like “Dalli Resham”, “Chaubandi Cholo”, “Aakashaima Chil Udyo” and “Dekhdai Chhu”.

The banquet hall was overflowing with people. With lavish buffet dinner and drinks, this certainly was worth the time and money of those who had come to Radisson with their friends and family members.

As the night proceeded, people started moving their bodies to the beats of DJ Santosh. He played all kinds of music, catered to every age group. Besides his spinning remixes, there were dance performances as well which garnered mixed reaction from the crowd. Mukti and Revival made people sing and dance with their hits. On the request of a fan, the band encored “Chaubandi Cholo”. Just for the lucky guy. The music and dance continued till the wee hours of the morning.

Hotel Himalaya

A rich flavour from the '70s distinguished the New Year eve bash at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole, from boisterous celebrations at other party venues in the capital. People were awestruck at the grace with which the Connection Band performed at the event. The crowd mostly included foreigners who sang away glory songs like "Wild World" and "Pal". The dinner included vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with multi-cuisine. Shriti Pradhan with her songs like “Leaving on a jet plane” made everyone a little nostalgic for the year that has just come an end. People welcomed the New Year with their loved ones by their sides and sparking assorted wine in their glasses.


The most exciting dancing destination of Kathmandu, Insomnia, celebrated New Year in its unique style. For the start, the moovin and grooving continued throughout the night, giving true meaning to the term insomniacs. New Year fever had struck everyone, most of whom could be seen bouncing to the tunes of music, drinks sloshing in their hands.

“The New Year is filled with hope. I am dancing to celebrate it," said Soni Pradhan, dancing with her friends. The bash included mostly youngsters who had come along with their loved ones to celebrate the occasion.


The Cube left no stone unturned in making the final event of the year as exciting and fun-filled for Kathmanduites as possible. Held in collaboration with Party Nepal, the occasion was a perfect finale to 2008. People young and old, men as well as women, singles as well as couples, could be seen grooving to the tunes of DJ Ali's near perfect blend of Nepali, Hindi and English songs soon as the clock hit 10. Cube extravaganza was successful in capturing the essence of the upcoming year for all those gathered at the venue to welcome 2009.


The Vintage restaurant at Durbarmarg had a special music night for its guests. With live music from 'Vishal and frens' who churned out some of the most famous Sufi, Hindi and Nepali numbers, the restaurant entertained its guests till midnight. Those present were delighted by the ambience of the place and appreciated the effort of the owners to welcome the New Year with flair.

Dhokaima Cafe

Manoj Basnet who owns of the classiest Pubs in Manhattan brought a little bit of New York to the valley on New Year eve. Basnet, who practically grew up in a bar, threw one of the most awaited parties of the New Year eve at Dhokaima Cafe in Patan with “New York” as the event's theme. At the entrance was a yellow cab, without which commuting in New York is impossible. A perfect view of the Hudson River over the Manhattan skyline had been set from the dance floor. The statue of Liberty at the bar welcomed the party goers at the entrance. The DJ playing R 'n' B and techno kept everyone on the dance floor till midnight. A lounge with the perfect couches had been set up to keep the people away from the DEAD ENDS!

Tour de Thamel

Thamel was back in business on the New Year eve as Home Minister's 11 0'clock deadline didn't seem to bother the partygoers who thronged the streets in the mood to live it up. With restaurants and pubs filled with customers and the streets flocked with excited fun seekers, it was hard to believe that this place is dead by 11 most nights of the year.

The hottest and the most happening places served their guests with rich packages of entertainment. Almost all of them had a live band or a DJ or both, to liven up the party. Some of the party destinations like Tantra, Celebrations, Tamas, Seesha were jam-packed.

The most interesting sight to see was of people taking to the streets instead of joining any particular party. It was for fun and to get a variety of music without having to pay for it, most of them said. Milan and his gang who enjoying themselves outside a live band restaurant said: “We came up with this idea after spending all our money in the parties. In occasions like this, it costs to get into a party but what we do is listen to music, because that is what we are really interested in. This way, we can switch restaurants where the music is not that good without having to worry about our money going to waste.”

Parties continued till midnight in most locations, some even into the wee hours. The female population which had joined in the celebrations was impressive and some tourists were also seen having a good time.
Source: eKantipur

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