Friday, December 26, 2008

Music for All

[By Media for Freedom]

Kathmandu, Nepal: Well known Spanish musician and theater artist NARF- Franciso Perez Vazquez and Juan Jose Ramos Hermo play the music with perfection


Among all European or western musical instruments and musical traditions, Spanish music has its separate fame and its distinct identity. The Spanish musical instruments and musical rhythm are very popular in the world.

This was what the Spanish duo showed in Nepal's capital Kathmandu recently. The music performed by two musicians is perfect combination of words and music. The rhythm was so perfect that every one enjoyed the show. Unlike other things, the music has no boundary and no language.

Everyone understands music. This was what Nepalese music lovers found in the recently organized Spanish Musical show in capital.

They won the hearts and mind of Nepalese audiences who were gathered to listen them.

"We are very fortunate to be able to present them in Nepal. They are here to share music from Spain," said musician duo. "We see many Nepalese music lovers enjoying our show."

After twenty years in music and being a member of different rock bands, Fran Perez, an artist involved for many years in the realm of music and theatre started the NARF project in 2004.

According to organizer, this project broke boundaries and became one of the most interesting musical adventures of the last decade in Gallcia (North Western Spain). It is the new identity of a restless musician, who explores rhythm and harmony, a modern and seductive music language for a musician who is impelled by feelings. NARF's first album, "Directo en Compsotela", was recorded with Marcos Teria (guitar) and Pepe Sendon (percussion and vibraphone).

During all these years the links of this musician with Portugal and Africa have been tightening. Participating in the festival "Tan de Festa" in Tandela (Portual) he met Cultural creators from Portugal and Portuguese – speaking African countries. It was there that his African adventure started. When he first arrived in Maputo (Mozammbique) he developed Bumba, a crossover with the Mazambican percussion group Timbila Muzimba. But then, he also recorded Quero Set tamber, a single with lyrics of the Mozambican poet Jose Caveirinha.

He had held concerts in London in three different occasions, performing at prestigious clubs where he captivated the audience with his music. He has also toured in Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Cuba getting impregnated with the rhythms from those countries.

He was awarded the 2nd prize in the Liet-Lavlut contest for musicians of Europe's minority languages, held in Ostersund ( Sweden) in 2006 for his song Santiago. An Unstoppable composition activity during the last year results in a collection of many new turns that, getting himself accompanied by great band, expand the acoustic dimension that has always identified this musician. NARF creates a new sound by adding percussion elements to electro-acoustic instruments, giving color to his original difficult to label style.

"NARF does never stop at a point and it always willing to show his new musical approach, as another manifestation of his unique style, with a scope on music in motion, based in his own roots and the mixing it up with rhythms from Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambiaue and Cuba," said



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