Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rahul and the Rhythm

Famous music composer and arranger Rahul Pradhan has formed a band Rahul & The Rhythm (A Blend Of Culture) with three female singer from different country. Its a mix of Rahul's rhythm with a blend of culture with Nimu from Nepal, Salomy frm India and ILze from Europe. Rahul & The Rhythm has just released thier album "Attention" from "United music Company". For the album lyrics has been written by Basu Dhakal, Anup Shriwastav. They have featured 9double7 and son of Rahul Pradhan master Aman Pradhan.This album contains experimental songs about Life, Country, Love & Trust. All songs are recorded and mixed at "Orange studio" by Rahul Pradhan and music composed and arranged by himself . The cover for this album is designed by Surose Bard.


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