Monday, June 30, 2008

Music for All

Music for All (by mediaforfreedom)

Although the political situation in the country was gloomy and the roads were empty because of strikes called by transport entrepreneurs, the music lovers of Nepal in large number turned up to enjoy different music events held to mark the international music day.

Organized by Alliance Francise with the support from Tuborg, the music event drew a large number of people of different ages who enjoyed it with great enthusiasm and excitement.

From traditional Nepalese music to modern and western music instruments, the event focussed on various genres.

Focusing on traditional and classical music, a concert was held at Yala Maya Kendra to let established artists entertain the audiences. Some upcoming musicians also presented their talents at the program.

Managed by International Music Society Nepal, the program was almost jam-packed as the audience from various walks of life and all ages were there to listen to the soft sound of tabala, flute, and sitar.

As usual, Maila Dangol performed the music of Jal Taranga and Homanath Upadhyaya's Madal Tarang also thrilled the audience.

Beside that, there were also the fusion performance presented by different Nepalese artists and bands.

One of the prominent Nepalese music bands of the generation led by Brahamananaad and Robin Das from Do Re Me institute also presented fusion of western and eastern music.

A fairly good crowd gathered in Durbar Marg where various Nepalese bands and music groups showed their talents. Despite the onset of the monsoon, the sky remained calm and the concert which started at 2 pm concluded in the late evening.

From young couples to teenagers and families, there were all kinds of people who came to enjoy the concert. The music bands like The String, Shanon Scam, mukut, Shadows, Looza, Devya Bluc Acidtz, Emergency, Antim Grahan and others played hard hitting music for all.

Likewise, presented by young children of Gurukul, the music by the children won the hearts and minds of a large number of youths present at the crowd. These young children proved that they have talent. The children of Atul Smriti Pratisthan presented their talent on Tabla. The young kids including Ragini Mishra, Sulochana Gautam, Ayan Gautam, Sugama Gautam, Rishab Mahanu, Pranab Pudasaini and Prayag Mishra displayed their talents in Tabala. Similarly, Ritesh Chandra Regmi presented the Sitar Vadan. Safal Khanal showed his performance in Tabla Sabin Shakya in flute and Niraj Shakya in Tabla.

For many Nepalis, music is for everything and they love music. This is what one could see in the faces of large numbers of music lover gathered in the Durbar Marg. Although the political agenda is dominating the country, people have shown that there is something beyond that which can lure minds and hearts of the people.

Unlike other programs, there is no divisions of the people and every one is listening and speaking similar topics that is their love and affections to musicians. The message of overwhelming crowed is clear there is something beyond politics and other things in day to day life.


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